How to ....

Install Tycoon
Create a new TycoonTube
Finish & Weld
Custom meshes
Twist and Taper mesh

Workflow examples / ideas

Install Tycoon
Without macrobutton install:
1: Extract the tycoon.zip file.
2: Drag _tycoon in to your 3Ds Max.
3: Done!

With macrobutton install:
1: Extract the tycoon.zip file.
2: Place the tycoon in your scripts directory.
3: Drag the tycoonMacro in to your 3Ds Max.
4: Go to custom interface > toolbars > category dropdown ... YvovonBerg_Tools > Tycoon Beta
5: Select Tycoon Beta and drag it to a place in your UI to dock it.
6: Launch the macro.
7: Done!

Create new tycoon tube

1. Click on the tube icon.
2. Click on a position in your viewport
3. Try the bending settings for changing the bend angle.

Finish and Weld

1. Select all your pieces
2. If you used simpel TycoonPipes you can select the auto face delete checkbox
3. Press the weld button

Custom meshes

1. Select the custom mesh. (In Tycoon Beta 1.0 the copy/align direction is in the Z up axis, so rotate your mesh if necessary)
2. Press the ADD+ button in the first row, Tycoon will create a custom tycoon mesh. (You can edit/tweak your mesh in the customPiece modifier)
3. Press the ADD+ button

Twist and taper mesh

1. Select the current tycoon mesh
2. Change the taper setting, ADD+, if you want to reset the value again, right click on the arrows on the right of the inputfield.

Twist mesh

1. Create a few cylinders/tubes
2. Collapse/Attach them together, so it is a single mesh,
3. Center the pivot and align it to the bottom of your mesh.
4. Press the first ADD+ button.
5. Change the twist value.

Made by / Author: Yvo von Berg
Technical Artist & 3D Generalist
If you find a way to to break Tycoon / bug reports : please let me know!
If you guys have any questions/suggestions/comments/ideas for tools or other tech/workflows:

Web: yvovonberg.nl
E-mail: info@yvovonberg.nl

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