Collections of tools to automatically bend objects in 3D software.

3Ds Max & Maya

Create new tycoon tube 1. Click on the tube icon.
2. Click on a position in your viewport.
3. Try the bending settings for changing the bend angle.

Finish and Weld 1. Select all your pieces.
2. If you used simple TycoonPipes you can select the auto face delete checkbox.
3. Press the weld button.

Custom meshes. 1. Select the custom mesh. (In Tycoon Beta 1.0 the copy/align direction is in the Z up axis, so rotate your mesh if necessary).
2. Press the ADD+ button in the first row, Tycoon will create a custom tycoon mesh. (You can edit/tweak your mesh in the customPiece modifier).
3. Press the ADD+ button.

Twist and Taper

Interviews + articles Interview with 80.lv: http://80.lv/articles/yvo-von-berg-tycoon-bend-tool-for-3dsmax/
Article on 3DHype (Dutch): http://www.3dhype.com/index/nieuws/2240/1
Shared on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8k03R

Unreal Engine & Unity