I have a great passion for improving workflows. I love working together with others to create new experiences.

v - Problem solving
v - Python:
v - Pyside / Qt Artist friendly GUI)
v - DCC tools & Standalone
v - 3Ds Max(maxplus, maxscript), Maya(cmds, pymel, api)
v - Houdini (Procedural modelling, basic HOM Python)
v - Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine C++ API.
v - Experience with node based editors. Unreal Blueprints, Substance and Houdini
v - Ability to communicate with other departments
v - Real-Time Render Engines: Unreal Engine, Unity and CryEngine
v - version control (SVN, Git and Perforce)


Junior Real-Time Developer - Axis Animation

Part of R&D pipeline/tools team
Apr. 2017 - present

Junior Technical Artist. - Axis Animation

Part of R&D pipeline/tools team
Jan. 2017 - Apr. 2017